Устройства Google Pixel получают массу обновлений функций

Сегодня Google представила новые функции искусственного интеллекта для Pixel 8 Pro, и это еще не все. Компания также выпустила декабрьское обновление функций для устройств Pixel, включающее две важные функции для функций программного обеспечения Pixel 8 Pro, а также множество новых функций для других устройств.

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Улучшения видео, эксклюзивные для Pixel 8 Pro

 Video Boost: Upload videos to the cloud and use Google's computational photography model to adjust color, brightness, stability and granularity, ultimately presenting a more realistic and natural video effect. This feature is still in the testing phase, and its specific effects remain to be seen.

 Night Sight for video: Use artificial intelligence to reduce noise on videos recorded at night or in low-light conditions, making picture details and colors clearer. Previously Night Sight only worked with still photos, this update expands its range of applications. Google says Night Sight for video can capture stunning time-lapse videos.

Обновления для других устройств Pixel

 Google Photos adds a new Balanced Portrait Light mode, which can eliminate harsh shadows in photos and also supports editing of existing photos.

 Photo Unblur optimized algorithm can sharpen your pet’s facial details more accurately.

 Pixel Fold has added a "dual-screen preview" function. When using the internal screen to view, the external screen will display the camera screen to facilitate the person being photographed to confirm the pose.

 USB camera: Pixel 6 and later models now work as a USB webcam, improving the video conferencing experience.

 Receipt scanning optimization: Added "Clean" option to remove stains and wrinkles on receipts for easier storage and use.

 Repair mode: Protect mobile phone data privacy. When a phone is sent in for repair, the repairman cannot access photos, messages, and other sensitive content.

 Password management: Identify accounts that support Universal Key Passkey and help users easily add them.

 Pixel Watch / Pixel Watch 2 can automatically unlock your Pixel phone, making it more convenient and faster.

 The incoming call screen now also appears on Pixel Watch, allowing you to answer or reject calls directly while watching live voicemail transcriptions.

 The Pixel tablet adds spatial audio capabilities via its built-in speakers and Pixel Buds Pro, as well as clear calling capabilities.

Другие обновления:

 Added combined clock/weather widget.

 The original Pixel Watch adds new watch faces

 Numerous bugs fixed.

Это обновление еще больше укрепляет взаимодействие экосистемы Pixel, делая устройства более интерактивными.

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